The Inner Experience, door Bram Vreeswijk

maandag 26 oktober 2009

In his main work ‘The Inner Experience’ Georges Bataille reports on his search for, and describes his methods for achieving, the ‘inner experience’. What the ‘inner experience’ is, is hard to describe. One could say that it is ‘the experience of experiencing’ (without experiencing something specific), or one could say that it is ‘simply’ ‘to be’. For sure is that the ‘inner experience’ cannot be put in words (otherwise it would be the experience of something).

The situation that Bataille wants to describe something that cannot be put in words, brings him in an interesting conflict as a writer. In his book he works with fragmenting different genres of writing. His writing is a series of strategies against language, to bring (I would say) the reader in a physical position facing the ‘inner experience’.

Topics we will discus are; the structure of Bataille’s writing, his definitions of the ‘inner experience’, his ideas on sacrifice and community, his hatred against eastern traditions (meditation), and the possibility of ‘translating’ his strategies against language to other media.

Bram Vreeswijk

Bram Vreeswijk is an Amsterdam based artist, who studied photography and Cultural Antropology. He concluded the latter with a research investigating similarities between Western advertising and magical/religious practises in so called ‘primitive’ societies (as described in anthropological literature).

His artistic research goes almost always hand in hand with studying philosophical literature. At the moment he is particularly interested in the issue of watching a moving body versus watching an ‘image’ (whatever that may be). A source of inspiration for this research is the work on ‘the split between the eye and the gaze’ of Maurice Merleau-Ponty and Jacques Lacan.

He reads their discussion of vision as an extension in the scopic field of Georges Bataille’s fight with language in the ‘Inner Experience’. A book that has kept him busy for years.

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