Chaos Never Died

vrijdag 28 augustus 2009

Chernobyls of the mind. Dance interventions. Massive noise failures. Random anthems. The chaos pilots. Unplanned discussion.

What is CHAOS?

What is CHAOS? Are we afraid of it? As systems, institutions and ideologies lose their power and relevance, what will rise from the ruins? Can we harness CHAOS to make a more humane, responsive, innovative and equitable society?

The SALONS are an open space to present and improve on new ideas: show us what you're doing, all are welcome.

The MINISTRY OF THE IMPOSSIBLE gathers artists, scholars, scientists, entrepreneurs, activists, architects, musicians, writers, public officials, and active citizens of all kinds to re-imagine society, politics, and culture, experiment with new ideas, expand consciousness through imagination and discovery, and raise the level of discourse about the issues we face in a new century.

Come to talk, stay to dance.


The 2nd Amsterdam Salon

28 augustus 2009
Aanvang: 21.00 uur

Toegang: 3 - 5 suggested donation

Andreas Bonnstraat 28 on the Boerhaaveplein
Reserveren: Reserveren is niet mogelijk voor dit evenement